Zen Tech International acknowledges that some of its business activities may have Environmental, Social and Governance risks and it believes that it has a responsibility to work towards minimizing or mitigating negative impacts and, where possible, implementing sustainable practices in selected areas. Our Sustainability philosophy is outlined below:

  • We will strive to build quality assets that meets the international environmental standards and provide environmentally and socially responsible operations.
  • We aim to conduct and manage our business operations in a responsible manner with safety, reliability, good corporate governance, and transparency as over-riding principles.
  • We aim to minimize our ecological footprint on the environment, including prevention of pollution, sustainable resource use, conservation of energy and resources.
  • Wherever we operate, we believe it is important to play a role in the social and economic upliftment of the people and communities.
  • We aim to provide a safe and equitable working environment for our people that is conducive to their professional development and to enhanced employer-employee relationships; in line with our core values.
  • We will work towards engaging and building trust with stakeholders through two-way dialogues; understanding expectations, communicating our company’s goals and where possible, collaborating for mutual benefit.


To implement practical sustainable solutions which can create a difference to the environment and society, in the space that we actively operate in.


To collaborate with our internal and external stakeholders in a responsible way. We are committed to reduce our environmental footprint, to support our local communities and to promote social sustainability awareness wherever we operate in.


In 2020 - Distribution of Gloves to IPD Selangor Personnel